The 2020 U.S. Elections

On Saturday, November 7th, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden was announced the next President-elect of the United States defeating the current President Donald J. Trump. The announcement was made following the official count of Pennsylvania was awarded to the former Vice President, a win President Trump needed if he were to win reelection. Former Vice President Joseph Biden makes history as the oldest nominee elected and his running-mate, Senator and now Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris, as the first female, first Black, South-Asian, and first nominee of immigrants to be elected Vice President. Following the win, there were celebrations across the country for the victory of Biden and Harris. 

            Biden and Harris took to the stage in Wilmington, Delaware to make victory speeches to the nation on primetime television. They addressed the sharp divisions within the country and urged for unity and marked the challenges coming ahead when they take office, but hoped for a national healing for the country. Biden pledged he would get the COVID-19 virus under control as he announced a task force of experts and scientists to oversee his administration’s efforts to stop the spread. 

            Thus far, the Trump administration has refused to concede and plans a series of legal action and suits for the future after claiming mass fraud in the election. Stay tuned for more updates!

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